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Biogenix Rx Above all, certain external circumstances can provoke this feeling. This could, for example, be a holiday together or the decision to contract or marry. You feel freshly in love again, although you have known each other for so long. Even in this phase, the little quirks of the other move into the background. Bad times or disputes are forgotten. The look is directed to the qualities of the other and the happy times in the relationship. Women and men behave surprisingly similar when in love. Because of this, we have found a variety of signs that apply to both sexes. So you can finally be sure, if you are really in love or if it is rather a little crush that quickly fades away. Good mood and satisfaction You are always in a good mood when you are close to the other? And you have been pretty happy and happy with your life lately? That's a clear sign that you're too in love. When we spend time with a person for whom we have strong feelings, our mood automatically improves. Just think about how happy you are to see a good friend again. When you are in love, the feeling increases a lot. You can identify yourself with the statement "I could embrace the whole world!" You are clearly in love. You're in love when you suddenly feel like doing new things and the urge to overpower you.