who is the 17th-best prospect in the White Sox system

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Back on our feet at voting HQ Sammy Sosa Jersey , with Seby Zavala repeating as the No. 16 prospect. Now, WhiteFanposts FanpostsFanshotsSections AnalysisGame RecapsGamethreadsMinorsOffbeatFull ArchiveExclusives South Side Sox Hall of FameCard of the MonthDeep DiveDigitsFlashbackFranchise FactsKnow Your EnemyMost Essential White SoxRace to the BottomSix Pack of StatsSouth Side SnapSouth Side StumperSSS Literary SupplementSuper Stats PackThe Game I’ll Never ForgetTwitterpatingUnder the RadarView From the Other SideWhite Sox on SB Nation HomeStoriesScheduleRosterStatsWhite Sox on Yahoo! HomeDepth ChartTransactionsMasthead MastheadMeet the Players!Links White Sox Web LinksSouth Side Sox standardsCommunity GuidelinesOdds Shop StubHub hite Sox MinorsWhite Sox Prospects2019 South Side Sox Prospect Vote2019 South Side Sox Prospect Vote: Round 17Back on our feet at voting HQ, with Seby Zavala repeating as the No. 16 prospect. Now, who is the 17th-best prospect in the White Sox system?CSTShareTweetShareShare2019 South Side Sox Prospect Vote: Round 17Holding steady: Despite leapfrogging Zack Collins on the White Sox depth chart, Zavala remains the SSS vote’s No. 16 prospect from 2018 to 2019.Allan Henry-USA TODAY SportsWe started this out trying to get as many names as possible on the ballot, but that only worked for about a dozen rounds before the results started to get a little wonky — no offense, Lincoln Henzman. So we’re back to the traditional five players out for each round, with combined 2018 stats to help you out in your decision-making process. As we count down the SSS Prospect Vote Joe Maddon Jersey , we’ll be counting up the overall list of Top 100 Prospects, with the SSS poll vote counting as a voice in the order of our official SSS Top 100.Here’s how last year’s prospect vote wrangled out — all 42 picks, with an archive of every article in the 2018 series.A final note: All copy below the poll, unless otherwise noted, comes from wsm’s Deep Dive series. Credit due. YOTH is just running the numbers.Sound cool? Now, get voting!Voting results for Round 16Seby Zavala eked out a nine-vote win over Steele Walker, earning the No. 16 spot with 68 of 185 votes (30.4%). Zavala also finished No. 16 in last year’s vote.Note on the table below: “Movement” refers to the number of slots a player moved up or down from the last round. “Normal” movement would be +1, everyone moving up in order.2019 South Side Sox Prospect Vote Winners 2019 South Side Sox Prospect Vote CatchersMore information on our polling. It’s been a long two weeks for the Red Sox. Long enough that many should have an idea what they’d have changed."It’s no secret. Many Red Sox fans (hell Willson Contreras Jersey , sports fans in general) think they know how to run a franchise, and are very vocal about how they would do it from their armchairs. In some cases, this is frowned upon, but not here. Not today.The Red Sox are 4-9 as of this writing in a tie for last place in the American League East. Coming from a team that won a billion games and the World Series in their last season, this is a very disappointing start to the campaign. You could even call it... regrettable. Early, there’s been a lot of finger pointing as to why the team is struggling (and most of it is on the rotation, given how poorly every outing has gone), but not many solutions for how it can be fixed in short order. So my challenge for you this weekend is to come up with one move (and no http://www.chicagocubsteamshop.com/auth ... oss-jersey , having Alex Cora play the pitchers in Spring Training is not a move. If it was, we’d have only articles about that) you would undo, or one non-move that you would enact, to make the team better, to try and undo the 4-9 start (or if you believe we’re best off not fixing it, and looking to the future, you can suggest something else like trading Mookie Betts for prospects, I’m not going to judge until I hear you out Kyle Hendricks Jersey , after all). The only rule is you only get one. One move you can undo, or one non-move that you can pull off. That’s it.Any well written opinion has a chance to land on the main page, so flex your writing muscles and bring the heat!Refer to this old prompt if you have questions about just what FanPost Friday is, and how to participate.