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r Tuesday Terrell Owens Color Rush Jersey , April 9, 2019"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 49ers Salary CapLevi’s Stadium Events49ers Transactions49ers Injury News49ers Press Conferences & Conference Calls49ers LinksGolden Nuggets: March Madness concludesNew,2commentsYour San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, April 9, 2019PDTShareTweetShareShareGolden Nuggets: March Madness concludesSo how did everyone do with the NCAA tournament? Yeah, I know, we’re a 49ers site and a football site at that. But I’m sure a lot of you are sick of hearing me talk about Nick Bosa and the draft and my optimism and everything else for the upteenth time. I didn’t have anyone to get a bracket made with so I wasn’t as invested in the tournament this year as I usually find myself. In any case I found the final minutes of the tournament to be exciting and a nice trade off to what I saw as boredom in the first few minutes of the game. In any case, March Madness is over with. How’d everyone do? While you answer that, I have some links for you. Marquise Goodwin announces plan to go for gold at 2020 Olympic Games (Maiocco)NFL draft history: 49ers haven’t used No. 2 overall pick since 1965 (Madson)Giants were wise not to shop Cleveland’s offer for OBJ to 49ers (Pro Football Talk)Kyle Shanahan: You can never have enough defensive linemen (Pro Football Talk)With high draft pick, 49ers believe they can make defensive line pieces fit (ESPN)What a horrible night to have a curse... San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday May 4, 2019"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 49ers Salary CapLevi’s Stadium Events49ers Transactions49ers Injury News49ers Press Conferences & Conference CallsGolden Nuggets: Can Jimmy G play all 16?New,29commentsSan Francisco 49ers links for Saturday May 4, 2019PDTShareTweetShareShareGolden Nuggets: Can Jimmy G play all 16?Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY SportsWith free agency and the draft now in the rearview mirror and rosters solidified for the most part, we move full steam ahead into prediction season.One by one, sportswriters , podcasters, and the rest of the NFL talking heads begin to make their predictions for the upcoming 2019 NFL season.Which teams will improve? Which will decline? Who will show improvement? Honestly, it’s probably a little too early to say, but regardless, when the topic of conversation is the 49ers, a common narrative begins to emerge: one Mr. James Garropolo, and whether or not he can stay healthy for the full 2019 season. In fact, just yesterday Dan Hanzus - host of the Around the NFL podcast - pointed out while discussing the 49ers prospects for 2019, “Jimmy Garropolo has never really put together a full season of tape as a franchise QB..” and went on to say “..I just want to see him play for 16 games..”.It’s a fair statement given that he missed all but three games last year with a torn ACL, but is Jimmy G really injury prone? I decided to check it out for myself, and this is what I found. In high school he played a total of 30 games in three seasons, no injuries of note. What about college? Mr. Jimmy took over as the starting QB of Eastern Illinois during his freshmen season playing the final 8 games. From there he would go on to start every game for the entirety of his sophomore, junior, and senior seasons. Thirty six games in all, no injuries of note. And finally the NFL. In 2014 as a rookie he appeared in 6 regular season games without incident. 2015 he saw very little action but did play in the preseason and in practices George Kittle Jersey , and as we know (Jerick McKinnon) it is possible to injure oneself without playing a single regular season game. And yet again, he emerged unscathed. It wasn’t until 2016 - the year that he was to fill in for Tom Brady during his suspension - that he was finally struck by the injury bug. Missing two starts due to a sprained AC joint. In 2017 he played in 6 regular season games without injury. And finally, in 2018, as we all know, he tore his ACL in the third game of the season and missed the remainder of the season. So, what’s the verdict? Well, through three full seasons of HS, four full seasons of college, and five seasons in the NFL - 12 seasons total - Jimmy Garoppolo has had one major injury and one minor injury. Not too bad in my opinion, and nowhere near enough to consider it anything close to a pattern, or to earn him the label “injury prone”. Now onto the links! : 49ers rookie camp notes: John Lynch denies rift with rift with Kyle Shanahan (Maiocco)10 Undrafted free agents sign with 49ers (Madson)49ers decline Joshua Garnett’s fifth year contract option pre-deadline (Marcus White)Anthony Davis seeks reinstatement (Florio)49ers aren’t ignoring secondary, believe growth will happen internally (Nick Wagoner)49ers officially sign 5 more draft picks (Madson)Nick Bosa eased into rookie minicamp (Biderman)Marcus Lattimore: 49ers’ Deebo Samuel has Hall of Fame potential (Inman)Kyle Brandt on the NFC West: ‘Don’t be shocked if the Niners win this thing’ (Bonilla)